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Square Base for MOVA Globes

Square Base for MOVA Globes
Square Base for MOVA Globes
The square base offers a simple approach to your globe display, with clean lines and a low profile.

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Product Description

The strong lines of this base create a streamlined appearance that enhances the look of your globe without detracting from it. An indent in the center holds your globe securely. Choose from the dark wood finish for a warm and inviting feel, or basic black for a more contemporary look.

  • Comes in dark wood or black finish

  • Works with 4.5" and 6" MOVA Globes

  • Contemporary style

Product Dimensions

Globe SizeBase LengthBase WidthBase Height
4.5" 4.65" 4.65" 1.38"
6" 5.12" 5.12" 1.38"

How it Works

MOVA Globes combine effortless performance with eye-catching graphics. Each handcrafted globe mingles vibrant artwork with our patented technology for flawless rotation without batteries or messy cords. Hidden solar cells use ambient light for power, while the earth’s magnetic field provides the necessary torque. These elements work in unison to power a whisper quiet mechanism, allowing the globe to rotate within a clear outer shell. Each piece is assembled with such precision, it appears the inner and outer layers are one – rotating without any outside power source.

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