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The Beauty
is in the Details

Every MOVA Globe combines brilliant graphics with our first-of-its-kind technology to create an instant conversation starter.

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Rotating Globes
Powered by Light

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The Beauty is in the Details

Rotating Globes. Powered by light.

You've never seen a globe like this. Our unique spinning globes combine power from ambient light and torque from the earth’s magnetic field to create soothing rotations. No batteries required and no sloppy cords to detract from your enjoyment. Elevate your decor or gift the unexpected.

  • Turns using ambient light
  • Hidden magnets provide movement
  • Making batteries and cords obsolete
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Gift the unexpected

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MOVA Globe Cubes

MOVA Globe

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Self-spinning Globes


Each globe is expertly handcrafted, so you can rest assured that you’re receiving only the highest quality. Every piece is carefully put in place. Every product is tested for visual appeal and function. Choose from a wide assortment of self-spinning globes - from traditional world maps in an array of colors and styles to outer space globes.

We also have a full range of famous artist inspired globes depicting some of the world’s most cherished masterpieces, as well as original works we’ve had created especially for our products. Choose your favorite, and complete your order with one of our stylish wood, acrylic or crystal bases.

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