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How it works

Hi, we're MOVA Globes. Prepare to be amazed.

How MOVA Globes Work

Striking Good Looks Are Only The Beginning

From their distinctive graphics to their advanced technology, it only takes one look to realize MOVA Globes are something special.

The Secret's In The Science

MOVA Globes turn all on their own, with or without a base, in any setting with ambient lighting. No batteries are needed and no sloppy cords to detract from your enjoyment.

You’ve never seen a globe like this

  • Turns with any interior light source

  • Operates freely from the base

  • No batteries, cords, or need to charge.

Beauty comes from the inside out

Each globe has a transparent outer shell made from carefully selected, high-quality acrylic. This external layer remains stationary while an internal one spins using advanced magnets for torque and solar cells to power the movement.

Want a more advanced explanation of the technology?
Download our Technology Guide PDF.

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Handcrafted for superior quality

MOVA Globes are a work of art in their own right. Each item is handcrafted from high-quality materials to ensure a first rate product. The outer shell is applied with such care, you won't realize it's there.

Handcrafted MOVA Globes

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes

We offer globes in five distinct sizes. From the miniature 4-inch, standard 4.5-inch, 5-inch cube, detailed 6-inch, and the larger 8.5-inch globes which serve as a main focal point in any room.

Fluid in Motion

Every MOVA Globe has two high-quality acrylic layers separated by a virtually invisible fluid, giving the illusion that both parts are a single rotating globe. Our MOVA Globe Cube displays the globe floating perfectly in the center of a clear box filled with fluid. The fluid is crystal clear, giving the illusion that the globe is suspended in air.

Science in Motion

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