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Make any room dazzle with these one-of-a-kind collectible pieces. Our Collectible globes depict famous works of art, conceptualized sports, and literature references. Each work is printed in full-color wrapping around the entire globe, creating a three-dimensional effect. MOVA Globes are handcrafted, with each element being carefully assembled for a seamless look that is a work of art in itself. Collect them all, MOVA Globes.

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  1. Van Gogh Irises MOVA Globe

    Starting at $198.00
  2. Basketball MOVA Globe

    Starting at $198.00
  3. MLB® Giants™ MOVA Globe

    Starting at $198.00
  4. Bua DJ Globe

    Starting at $298.00
  5. MLB® Cubs™ MOVA Globe

    Starting at $198.00
  6. MLB® Yankees™ MOVA Globe

    Starting at $198.00
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