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Frequently Asked Questions

Do MOVA Globes need to be outdoors since they are solar-powered?

Although they contain solar cells, MOVA Globes are designed as indoor decor items and actually operate best in ambient light. It is best not to keep MOVA Globes exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time as this can lead to the graphics fading.

What kind of lighting works best with MOVA Globes?

Fluorescent lighting, LED lights, and indirect sunlight flowing through the windows provide the most optimal lighting, although MOVA Globes will rotate in any kind of sufficient ambient light. We suggest avoiding high-powered halogen lights due to the heat they emit.

What happens to MOVA Globes when the lights turn off?

We like to say they have a sleep cycle just like humans. MOVA Globes will slow down to a complete stop in the absence of sufficient lighting but will come back to life as soon as the lights are turned back on.

How long does the MOVA Globe warranty last?

Our MOVA Globes are designed and made to last. All our products are assembled by hand with confidence. We currently offer a one-year limited warranty. Like most high-end kinetic and technical products, a year is long enough for possible defects to appear so they are still covered under the warranty. Since the debut of our MOVA Globes in 2007, our products have been enjoyed by countless customers and our support team has always considered servicing any issues as the top priority. We will continue to honor that commitment.

There is a brown film covering my acrylic base. How do I remove it?

We’ve recently started including covers on all of our acrylic bases to prevent scratches. There is a thin brown cover on the top and bottom of each acrylic base that you will need to peel off before assembling the base and putting your MOVA Globe on top. Watch a quick video on how to remove the acrylic base cover.

How do you assemble the MOVA Globe 3-pronged acrylic stand?

Insert each of the three prongs into the holes on the acrylic base, with the smooth rounded side of each prong facing upward. Make sure they are fully inserted into the holes. Gently set your globe on top of the three prongs in a well-illuminated place, wait for a couple of minutes and then see it come to life. Watch our video for an assembly demonstration.

Can the MOVA Globe be placed on a different stand than the one that came with it?

Certainly. Just about any stand will work as long as it has an adequate grip to stabilize the spherical globe so that it doesn’t fall off. Make sure the desired base will not scratch the globe and is not made of iron, as that will interfere with the earth’s magnetic field and the globe will stop rotating. You will also want to make sure the stand is not magnetized in any way as this will also possibly cause the globe to stop turning.

How should MOVA Globes be cared for?

MOVA Globes need very minimal maintenance. To remove fingerprints and dust, rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Do not use any abrasive cleaning solutions.

Why is there a misalignment on my globe’s graphic?

Since MOVA® Globes are handcrafted, a misalignment of up to 3mm on the graphics is allowed. Misalignment of the graphic up to 3mm is not considered a defect and will not receive a warranty replacement.

Can MOVA Globes be placed in a carry-on for airplane travel?

Due to the amount of liquid contained in MOVA Globes, they cannot be carried onto a plane per TSA regulations. They may be packed in a checked bag. However, always check with TSA and your airline about any changes to their regulations before traveling.

Troubleshooting Tips for Non-Rotating MOVA Globe

MOVA Globes rely on natural elements like light and the Earth’s magnetic field to turn, so they are sensitive to even small changes in scenery or the environment. We suggest the following if your globe is not turning and has no physical damage (drop marks, air bubbles, or cracks)

  • Try placing the globe directly under a lamp to make sure it has enough light.
  • Move your MOVA Globe away from other MOVA Globes, iron objects and surfaces, or any electronics. Since there is a magnet inside the globe, these items tend to interfere with the globe’s rotation.
  • Place your globe in various locations to make sure nothing in the room or building is interfering with Earth’s magnetic field. This could mean moving your globe from your bedroom to the living room or from your house to your office.
  • Try setting a paperclip on top of the globe for about an hour. The paperclip will interact with the globe’s inner magnet, and give it a “boost” if it is in an environment where the magnetic field is weak. If the paperclip doesn’t “catch” with the globe’s magnet and the globe doesn’t start spinning while the magnet is on top, a replacement may be needed.

If you’ve tried all of the above tips and your globe is still not spinning please fill out our product replacement form.