World Map Globe Collections

World globe maps, or terrestrial globes, are spherical models of the Earth without the distortion of land masses typically seen on flat world maps. Terrestrial globes show land masses and bodies of water in a realistic model, sometimes also displaying latitude and longitude lines.

At first glance, the MOVA Globe may look like the one you spun endlessly as a kid. However, our newly reimagined globe combines a modern design and new technology to bring a little bit of magic you can hold in your hands. Light, solar technology, and the Earth's magnetic field work synchronously to deliver a mesmerizing experience.

In addition to our patented technology and unique spin on a classic globe, our world map terrestrial globes have a stylish appearance to complement any home or office. From antique terrestrial green and white globes and the classic blue political world globe map to our luxurious metallic world maps, we know you will find a MOVA Globe that fits any style.

World Map Globes

From our antique terrestrial globes to our political world map globes, you will find an assortment of stylish designs to decorate your home, office, or classroom.

Metallic World Maps

MOVA Metallic Globes are the junction between classic and modern in a stunning array of lustrous metallic finishes. The luxurious metallic landmasses set against rich, dramatic seas highlight combinations of burnt coppers, sheen golds, polished silvers and added pops of blue and green.

Our metallic globes fit perfectly with any home or office decor, bringing an added radiance and shine that is sure to attract attention and spark conversations.

  1. Blue and Gold Globe
    Blue and Gold Globe
    As low as $298.00
  2. Green and Gold Globe
    Green and Gold Globe
    As low as $298.00
  3. White and Gold Globe
    White and Gold Globe
    As low as $298.00
  4. Blue and Silver Globe
    Blue and Silver Globe
    As low as $198.00
  5. Black and Silver Globe
    Black and Silver Globe
    As low as $198.00
  6. Black and Copper Map Globe
    Black and Copper Map Globe
    As low as $198.00