Find a world of possibilities to thrill even the most discerning of recipients with our unique rotating globes. Explore our full line of MOVA Globes and accessories – from detailed maps with a modern twist, and classic artwork to planetary designs. Place them in light. Sit back. Watch them spin. Be impressed.

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  1. Gift Cards

    From $1.00
  2. Arched Base

    Starting at $20.00
  3. MOVA Globe Solar System Planet Set

    Starting at $1,362.00
  4. The Little Prince B612 Globe

    Starting at $300.00
  5. Enceladus Globe

    Starting at $298.00
  6. Bua DJ Globe

    Starting at $298.00
  7. Sunrise Globe

    Starting at $198.00
  8. Hollywood Sign Globe

    Starting at $349.00
  9. The Little Prince Memories Globe

    Starting at $198.00
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